Feed Reader Testing


This project is part of Udacity Front-End Developer Nanodegree. In this project, I have given a web-based application that reads RSS feeds. The idea is to build test suites to test some functionality using Jasmine .

It is an introduction to "test-driven development" for me. 

The first tests are about RSS feeds; we check if the rss feeds in the feeds array has a valid url, valid name or defined.

In url testing step I have found regex charset to test my url if they are valid. You check it further from this link; https://gist.github.com/dperini/729294

Second, we test the menu to see if it works as designed. The aim is to have the menu hidden first, then when it is clicked it will appear and if someone clicks once more it will be hidden again.

to test the state of a click, trigger 'click' function is used!

Third test is about the initial entries, here we check if loadFeed works and it brings entry elements under the parent .feed element.

And last test is more complicated, it checks loadFeed function by checking the new feeds with the old feeds and whether the new feeds are replaced in the website.

Github Repo