Vertical Interventions

Vertical Interventions is the theme of the Architectural Association Istanbul Visiting School, in 2013. It took place in Istanbul Technical University and I got an acceptance with full scholarship.

The idea was to create an intervention in a central area in Istanbul (Taksim) where thousands of people pass nearby. The first day, the mentors introduced us with a particle system that is created in processing to be used as a generative tool. On top of this codebase, every group is required to further develop their system according to their design idea.

Our form finding experimentations started in Processing.

Initial trials


After several iterations we reached to a design idea of providing connection from the below ground level which is where the subway is, to the above ground. The design also allows the sunlight to enter to the subway level and make the area more enjoyable.



After the design is finalized in the Processing. The shape is brought into Rhino and then to Grasshopper. In Grasshopper we determined the location of all the pipes to construct the mock up of the design.



For the fabrication, we laser cut frames to determine the exact location of the plastic pipes. And used plastic pipes the construct the structure.



The team included: Sibel Yasemin Ozgan, Lida Marinkova, Maryam Altaf,Tolga Karasay, Işık Gören, Canay Kara, Zekiye Nil Karamolla.