I created numerous websites using different technologies for the last 10 years. 

I use Drupal CMS for content heavy websites with more than one authors. I created the old webpage of my department that I took my master's which is Istanbul Technical University, Architectural Computation. I also created the webpage of my research group in SUTD using Drupal,

Informed Design Research Group
Informed Design Research Group

I used Drupal for the old website for a media agency, kaset film. 

Old Website of Kaset Film
Old Website of Kaset Film.

Their new webpage is a single page web application that I developed using Javascript.

New website of Kaset Film.
New Website of Kaset Film.


I developed my professional website (this one) using Drupal as well. But I tried a few mock ups using React and Gatsby, you can see one in

Lastly, I am the webmaster of Seltek Group's website, which is a cosmetics company that has an online store.