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Front End Web Development Nanodegree

Part 1 - Web Foundations
Project: Animal Trading Cards
Project: Build a Portfolio Site
Part 2 - Web Programming with JavaScript
Project: Memory Game
Part 3 - Exploring JS - Objects, Tools and Testing

Learn about Accessibility, Object-Oriented JavaScript techniques, closures, the "this" keyword, and the new ES6 specification.

Project: Clasic Arcade Game Clone
Project: Feed Reader Testing
Part 4 - Front-End Applications
Project: Restaurant Reviews App - Stage 1
Part 5 - Building with React

In this part, I learned how to use React to create single page applications. Also, I used APIs to connect and retrieve information and show it in a React app. In this part, I developed two projects.

Project: MyReads: A Book Tracking App
Project: Neighborhood Map (React)

Github repo