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Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree


Full Stack Web Developer Nanodegree from Udacity is about both server and client-side web development. I took this course to learn more about server-side web development. This Nanodegree has five parts and six projects.

Part 1 - Programming Fundamentals and the Web


Project: Movie Trailer Website
Project: Build a Portfolio Site
Part 2 - Developers' Tools

This part is about essential developers' tools such as the Unix shell, Git, and Github; and lastly HTTP protocol is investigated, the Web's fundamental protocol.

Part 3 - The Backend: Databases & Applications

Master SQL databases and build multi-user web applications using the Flask framework, SQLAlchemy, and authentication providers such as Google and Facebook.

Project: Logs Analysis Project
Project: Build an Item Catalog Application
Part 4 - The Frontend: Javascript & AJAX

Extend the power of the web frontend using JavaScript, JQuery, and AJAX to build advanced interactive web applications.

Project: Neighborhood Map
Part 5 - Deploying to Linux Servers
Project: Linux Server Configuration

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