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Introduction to Programming Nanodegree


Introduction to Programming was the first paid Nanodegree that I have enrolled from Udacity. Udacity is an Online Education platform that offers courses about a diverse range of subjects. Their Nanodegrees are very similar to a course at a university. Enrolled participants should complete several projects and these projects are reviewed by reviewers. The participants should successfully finish all the projects to receive a Nanodegree.

Although I knew about programming quite well, to try their projects and to learn from their way of teaching the subject, I enrolled in the Introduction to Programming Nanodegree. This Nanodegree has six parts and five courses.

Part 1 - Learn to Code

In this part, basics of HTML is introduced.

Project: Getting Started with HTML.
Part 2 - Make a Stylish Web Page
Project: Make a Web Page
Part 3 - Code your Own Quiz
Project: Code Your Own Quiz

Github repo

Part 4 - Create a Movie Website

In this part, python is used to create a movie website that plays trailers of some movies.

Project: Create a Movie Trailer Website

Github repo

Part 5 - Discover Your Path

In this part, before the Nanodegree ends, the student is introduced with different tracks that he can progress further. The options are Front-End Programming, Back End Programming, Mobile Programming, Data Analysis Programming and Reverse Engineering. I chose Android development.

Part 6 - Android Development

In this part the basics of Android development is introduced.

Project: Build a Single Screen App

You can click here to see my certificate.