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Parametric Urban Design Strategies for Tarlabasi

Workshop ITU

Parametric Urban Design Strategies for Tarlabasi was a workshop that is conducted by Nicholai Steino from Aalborg University. It is aimed for Tarlabasi area which is a historic neighbourhood with a high urban heritage. It is an area that is ignored for sometime thus the condition of the buildings is deteriorating. At the time, Tarlabasi was an area that is receiving many urban renewal proposals.

Project brief states the aim as:

The aim of the workshop is to develop strategies for careful regeneration in the Tarlabaşı area by means of CityEngine. Based on analyses of the existing urban fabric, regeneration strategies should be developed, which negotiate the opposite criteria of urban heritage protection and urban renewal in architecturally responsible ways.

We used CityEngine as a tool to visualize typologically different scenarios. We created procedural algorithms to create designs considering certain principles such as use, height and building form and facades.

The workshop is structured into four different assignments. Assignment 1-3 are scheduled for a full day, while assignment 4 is scheduled for a half day:

  1. Analysis and scripting of existing building morphology and facade principles. Volumetric studies and scripting of different redevelopment scenarios according to design principles 1-4.
  2. Detailed volumetric studies and scripting of buildings according to use, height and building form.
  3. Development and scripting of facade principles for existing and new buildings.
  4. Finalization and picking up on loose ends.

The workshop is concluded with a final review.