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Google DevFest Istanbul 2019

Submitted by ozgunbalaban on Thu, 12/15/2022 - 12:47

Today I attended to the GDG Istanbul Fest 2019 which took place in UNIQ. It was my first developers event and overall the aim was to familiarize the crowd with what is going on in the developers' world.

The first talk I listened to, was Conversational AI Demystified by Sascha Walters from Cognigy. It was the most interesting talk in the event that I attended to. Sascha introduced the crowd about how to build conversational AI and not surprisingly the hardest thing is not the technical difficulties but rather determining context and emotionality.

The second talk was about GOLANG which is the functional programming language developed by Google. They are celebrating its 10th anniversary and the talk was about the advancement of the language during these years.

The third talk was titled Building Custom Models in AutoML and it introduces AutoML to the public. It was a rather simple talk for me considering I already used Tensorflow for my Phd thesis. But it is nevertheless interesting to listen how rapidly the tools are advancing and it is becoming easier to use these tools everyday.

Last talk that I attended was about Flutter. I haven't had a chance to use Flutter yet. However, I know that it simplifies building cross-platform apps. 

Overall, it was a good event. It was not aimed towards academia as I expected but it is always interesting to follow current discussions.